Ontario updates elementary science curriculum


Ontario is revising its elementary science curriculum, including a new section involving hands-on technology and engineering learning and coding.

The government says there have been many advancements in science and technology since the curriculum was last updated in 2007.

The new curriculum will take effect in September, and there will also be a new, destreamed Grade 9 science course that includes exploring careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and related skilled trades.

Officials say new STEM learning will include Grade 6 students designing and testing devices such as flying machines, and Grade 8 students designing a system that replicates a conveyor belt.

As well, students will apply coding skills – which was recently added to the elementary math curriculum – and learn about environmental protection, a new section in which students will consider solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The new curriculum also updates existing sections such as life systems, matter and energy, structures and mechanisms, and Earth and space systems.

Officials say 130 expectations were removed from the curriculum to make room for the new material, but they say doing so eliminates redundancies in the previous curriculum and that no important learning is being lost.