More Ontario universities make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory on campus


TORONTO – More universities in Ontario are making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for those who will be on their campuses this fall.

The University of Toronto, Western University in London, Ont., and Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ont., are the latest to say they’ll require proof of vaccination from those attending their facilities.

The University of Toronto had earlier mandated vaccinations for those living on campus and for certain activities, such as varsity sports.

It now says everyone who intends to be on its campuses will need to be fully immunized — those who cannot be vaccinated will need to participate in a rapid screening program and be subject to additional health measures.

Western University says all students, staff and faculty who plan to be on campus this fall will need to provide proof of vaccination and those who don’t will need to be tested twice a week.

Ontario Tech University says it’s giving individuals until Oct. 17 to receive their second vaccination.

Earlier this week, the University of Ottawa mandated COVID-19 vaccines for those attending its campus in the fall, while Seneca College in the Greater Toronto Area announced a similar policy in July.