Liberals move to end debate, force vote


OTTAWA – The Trudeau Liberals say they want to force an end to debate in the House of Commons on their budget bill and bring it to a vote.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says the government will move today to put time limits on debate of Bill C-30, which contains multiple measures from the April budget, including changes to business and worker supports.

Freeland says the government is worried the bill won’t pass on time, causing aid measures to expire just as the economy is reopening.

Government House leader Pablo Rodriguez is blaming Conservative stall tactics for the delay in the budget bill and on three other pieces of legislation the Liberals want passed before parliamentarians head off on a summer break in just over one week.

Signs are increasingly pointing to a federal election sometime this fall, which would reset the legislative agenda.

Freeland says the government doesn’t want an election, but suggests political theatrics are bogging down the work of the House of Commons.