By Marie Woolf

OTTAWA – Elections Canada has apologized to voters in three Ontario First Nations communities after breakdowns in communication led to them being denied their right to vote in the last election. An inquiry by the elections body found that fly-in communities in the riding of Kenora had their local polling […]


TORONTO – Annamie Paul is stepping down as leader of the Green Party of Canada, saying she doesn’t “have the heart” to keep fighting to hold onto the position. Paul – who’s had to deal with much infighting within Green ranks – announced her resignation in Toronto on Monday morning, […]

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

Incumbent MP Marcus Powlowski and Yuk-Sem Won, NDP candidate for Thunder Bay-Rainy River agree on one thing: calling an election was a bad idea. Powlowski said he is happy to get re-elected because he enjoyed the MP job he assumed in 2019. “I’m happy to be reelected,” Powlowski said. “That’s […]

By Joan Bryden

OTTAWA – Canadians have chosen another minority Liberal government – almost identical to the one it replaced – to finish the fight against COVID-19 and rebuild the shattered economy. Precisely how stable a minority remains to be seen, as results were still trickling in and there were tight contests in […]

A short but busy campaign is coming to an end, as voters head to the polls for Election Day. If you haven’t already voted through mail-in ballot or advanced polls, head to your designated polling station to cast your ballot today. You can vote without voting cards, but bring your […]


OTTAWA – Canada’s first-ever pandemic election culminates today as Canadians from coast-to-coast go to the polls to choose the 338 members of Parliament to sit in the House of Commons. Elections Canada says almost 6.8 million people voted early, most of them at advanced polls over a week ago, and […]

Election Day is Monday, Sept. 20 The candidates of Thunder Bay-Rainy River have been busy on the campaign trail. Clockwise from top: Incumbent Liberal Marcus Powlowski, (right), meets with constituents outside his campaign headquarters; NDP’s Yuk-Sem Won, (right) meets with supporters at the Emo Fair; PPC’s Alan Aubut (right) sets […]

Who would know that the federal election is only a short five days away? Maybe the Liberal planning machine that called the election, understood that Canadians would hesitate to become involved. Maybe all the federal parties were complicit in getting the election underway. This riding has been held by three […]

Dear editor, Elections should be about more than just candidates. They should also be about issues that matter to Canadians. There are plenty of issues in this election vying for attention. Like the candidates, some will be winners, others will lose. Unfortunately, the urgent need for national standards in long-term […]

Dear editor, I watched the federal election debate last night and one thing became very clear to me. A large part of the debate was on climate change and what would each leader will do to meet their targets on carbon reduction. Expanding Nuclear power will be a primary part […]