Diplomats evacuated from Sudan; Canadian consular services suspended


Ottawa has suspended consular services in Sudan amid reports of allied countries evacuating Canadian diplomats and as armed conflict escalates in the East-African country.

Global Affairs Canada says Canadian diplomats will “temporarily work from a safe location outside the country” while still trying to help citizens in Sudan.

Hundreds have been killed and thousands injured in just 10 days after power-sharing negotiations between the country’s armed forces and its paramilitary troops rapidly deteriorated.

The New York Times reports that U.S. special forces evacuated six Canadian diplomats, while the BBC says Canadians are among a group evacuated by sea to Saudi Arabia. Global Affairs did not immediately confirm those reports.

The federal government is not evacuating its locally hired Sudanese staff, saying it is “looking at all possible options to support them.”

As of Saturday, 1,596 Canadian citizens were formally registered as being in Sudan, though experts say the figure is likely much higher.