CloudTax launches free filings

Press Release

CloudTax, in response to the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the Canadian economy, will be offering free services for Canadians effective today. CloudTax will be offering free tax filings and consultations online and over the phone for those who fall under the following categories:
– An individual residing in Canada who is over 65 years old
– An individual residing in Canada and who has been laid off since March 15th, 2020
Free tax filings and phone consultations will be available for these two groups prior to the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax filing deadline of July 1..
“We know this is an unprecedented time for Canadians coast to coast and we want to do our part to provide our support to those most affected by the impact of COVID-19,” CEO and Founder Nimalan Balachandran remarked.
CloudTax has been certified by the Canada Revenue Agency since 2018.
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