Call to arrange junk pick-up, volunteer

Duane Hicks

With the “Fight the Blight” campaign shaping up for next month (May 9-19), the public is asked to give the town a call if they want junk picked up or if they’d like to volunteer with the clean-up.
Residents are encouraged to call the bylaw office (274-5323) ahead of time if they have items to be picked up the week of May 16-19.
That way, town staff and volunteers will have a listing of where they have to be on what day and what the workload will be.
“We are getting lots of calls,” said bylaw officer Patrick Briere, adding the bylaw office had about 30 requests for items to be picked up as of yesterday morning.
“It’s been very successful so far, so we want to ensure information is still flowing forward to the public,” he added.
No hazardous waste will be picked up during the campaign (that day is set for Sept. 17 at the Public Works building), but “almost anything else can be put out,” noted Briere.
This includes everything from fridges (with freon), freezers, chairs, and couches to old rusty barbecues, tires, and even derelict vehicles.
They’ll also pick up electronics, such as TVs and computers, although Briere suggested people remove or wipe their computer’s hard drives so any personal information on them cannot be stolen.
The Fort Frances Power Corp. is on board to haul away brush work.
Meanwhile, people also are urged to call 274-5323 if they’d like to help with the clean-up.
“If anybody is willing to volunteer, we’re accepting all volunteers and trucks,” said bylaw officer Arlene Byrnes.
“If people just want to volunteer, we’ll set you up with somebody that has a vehicle that wants to help out.”
During the first week of the campaign (May 9-13), the town will waive all bag tag requirements on residential garbage collection.
Residents can put out as many receptacles or bags as they want—as long as these comply with the usual 40-pound weight limit.
This will be followed up by two free tipping days (May 14-15) at the local landfill.
The dump will be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. both days.
During those days, anyone disposing of items at the dump will be asked to provide proof of residency by showing a current tax bill, utility bill, or driver’s licence.
If residents are unable to get their unwanted items to the landfill themselves, town staff and volunteers will be picking up remaining junk during a town-wide clean-up May 16-19.
The town will be divided into four equal areas based on the current refuse collection schedule, with a couple of changes:
•Area 5 (residents with a white garbage collection calendar) will be picked up Monday, May 16;
•Area 1 (orange) will be picked up on Tuesday, May 17;
•Areas 2 (green) and 3 (blue) will be picked on Wednesday, May 18 (Area 3’s normal garbage day is May 19, but they’re being bumped back a day just for this week); and
•Area 4 (yellow) will be picked up on Thursday, May 19.
Area 4 also will have its normal curbside garbage pickup on May 20 in keeping with the town’s garbage contract with Asselin Transportation, although it’s not likely most residents will have much to put out.
Briere said the idea of the four-day schedule is to leave Friday open so that clean-up crews can cover any areas that might have been missed earlier in the week.