Bridge cards going up

Want to get a Borderland resident a Christmas gift that’s bound to go up in value in the New Year?
Then buy them a bridge card or two before Dec. 31.
The Times has learned that bridge cards sold at Canada Safeway are expected to go up in price by $2 (U.S.)—from $10 to $12—as of Jan. 1 thanks to a change by the Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway.
While Canada Safeway pays U.S. money for the cards, it will continue to sell them for $10 (Cdn.) prior to Jan. 1 and $12 (Cdn.) after Jan. 1—at least for the time being.
However, if the exchange rate changes and the Canadian dollar slides too much further, the store may have to raise the price slightly to reduce its losses.
This will be the first time tolls have been raised since 2000, when the bridge cards initially were implemented here.
MD&W Railway told the Times yesterday it was planning to issue a press release on the price increase after Christmas.