Better is always possible

2017 is a special year. Across the country, people are celebrating the diversity and beauty of Canada.
Whether it’s with family or with friends, this year is the perfect time to see more of our beautiful nation–and create special memories.
I’d like to take this chance to wish everyone in Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding a happy Canada Day.
From Thunder Bay all the way across to Rainy River, celebrations took place to commemorate 150 years of both our successes and challenges as a country.
Whether it was watching a concert in Thunder Bay, dancing in the Fort William First Nations pow-wow, enjoying a pancake breakfast in Emo, or attending the fireworks show in Fort Frances, I hope this important milestone served as a way to bring community members together and strengthen our connections.
This is an important time of reflection where we can respectfully contemplate 150 years of a rich and complex history, on the achievements and struggles of our nation, as well as looking to the road ahead and all the possibilities and potential to build a better future.
Our country’s history is not without its issues, and it is important that we recognize these missteps to ensure they are not repeated.
As we move forward together in an effort to make Canada the greatest country in the world, I encourage all Canadians to come together and honour the diversity that makes us unique and strong.
I enjoyed participating in the Canada Day festivities in our beautiful riding, commemorating and acknowledging the past, present, and future of our shared nation.
Most importantly, I look forward to continuing to work towards a better Canada because, as our prime minister says, “in Canada better is always possible.”

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