Beef marketing act to change

For the past five years, the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) has been working for changes to Regulation 54 of the Beef Cattle Marketing Act (BCMA) and for the federal provincial agreement (FPA) that will allow the OCA to legally participate in the national agency, the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency.
Not only do the changes give OCA legal participation in the national agency, but the check-off increase will provide OCA with long-term resources to allow it to plan for the future.
The additional funds will be used to promote market development initiatives for Ontario beef, as well as to defend market access rights. The changes become law and become enforceable on Jan. 1, 2008.
What are the Changes to Regulation 54 of the Beef Cattle Marketing Act?
Section 3(1) has been amended to read that the licence fees payable by a person who sells cattle shall be $2 for each head of cattle sold—a decrease from the original $2.25.
This $2 stays in Ontario.
Section 6.1 has been added to detail OCA participation in the national agency. This includes the collection of a $1 levy on each sale, which will go to the National Agency for the Beef Cattle Research Council, the Beef Information Centre, and the Canada Beef Export Federation.
Currently with the $2.25 check-off, $1.25 stays in Ontario and $1 goes to the national agency voluntarily.
The $2 licence fee plus the $1 levy equals a total check-off of $3 per head.
Check-off deducted from out-of-province cattle sold in Ontario will be at different rates for those provinces that also have entered into agreements with the National Check-off Agency.
Currently, this includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.
Any cattle sold for export only will be deducted $2 per head. The extra dollar for the national agency is not collected.
The person remitting check-off to OCA now will have to submit a breakdown of each class of cattle for that period. This is in addition to the full name, address, and postal code of each seller that must be remitted.
Section 8(d) of Reg. 54 is revoked, removing the exemption for payment of licence fees for cattle sold through public auction by an owner on his/her premises.
Section 5(2)b of Reg. 54 has been amended to read that every person who deducts fees must forward to OCA by the 15th of each month a statement showing the person’s full name, address, postal code, and telephone number, as well as the total number of head of cattle and a breakdown showing the number of each class of cattle.
Section 9 has been added to allow licensed dealers to obtain an exemption from the payment of fees if cattle are resold within seven business days of purchasing them, and documentation verifying the reselling is provided.
Call the OCA office at 1-519-824-0334 if you have any questions about the changes that will come into effect on Jan. 1.
< * c>Dates to remember
•Jan. 18—Rainy River Cattlemen’s annual meeting, 7 p.m., Stratton.

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