Back to being a full-time farmer

I finally managed to close up the agricultural research station last week.
I honestly didn’t have everything completed, but I finished what I felt needed to be finished.
We are hoping to have a gas furnace installed sometime over the holidays in hopes of keeping the building at a decent temperature at a more reasonable price.
My research results (despite making some changes later) are available at Emo Feed or the ag office. Or if you see me, I usually carry them with me in the back seat of my truck!
I will be working on the green manure trial further through the winter as more test results return.
• • •
With the ag station wrapped up, I’m now a full-time farmer again! The worst part is I’ve been sick since Friday, so I didn’t do too much farming this past weekend other than the bare necessities.
That’s one of the hard parts of farming. Even when you’re sick, the cattle still are expecting to be fed.
I do think I am on the mend, but worried about doing too much and ending up where I started.
I’m likely about two months away from calving, so I have some work to do in the barn and getting everything organized again.
Actually, I’ve been using my barn camera already. Something has been eating my cat food, so I set up the camera to try and catch what it was.
It turns out it is another cat. The poor thing has no ears, so it obviously has been roughing it for some time.
Unfortunately, my cat absolutely despises it presence. So I’m not sure what we will be doing about that.
• • •
The end of deer season has arrived—and it seems they know! The deer seemed to have disappeared for a time, but now I am starting to see them and lots of tracks again.
They must keep a calendar somewhere, as well.
We have a few marten traps set here and when we go to check them, we like to see all the animal tracks in the snow. We certainly seem to have wolves living close, as well (something I would rather not have!)
• • •
I spent last Thursday morning at the Fort Frances Nursery School. Wow, that’s a busy little place (there were 13 little kids attending that day).
Show-and-tell, crafts, gym, and snack time were all packed into a couple of hours.
It was fun, but Maddie wasn’t sure that she wanted me to help the other kids. But we got through it.
Hats off to the teachers who come up with something to do every day that is fun and exciting!
• • •
I need to seriously get ready for Christmas. We did go and get a tree Saturday morning, but the trip almost did me in so it is still outside in the shed.
I only have a few gifts bought and the time is ticking.
The kids are easy to buy for—except all Maddie wants is a couple of sheep (although she knows we cannot get them until the snow goes because she isn’t sure if they even like snow at all).
So, it looks like we’ll likely be getting a couple of sheep in the spring.
But as for the grown-ups, sheep would be simple!

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