Avoid griping because things could be worse

Happy New Year to everyone!
In many ways, I’m glad to see 2011 behind us. But I’m always cautious in complaining too much because I know things always could be much worse.
I wasn’t able to stay awake long enough to ring in 2012 but I trust there were plenty celebrating the stroke of midnight.
At one point I thought I might see midnight since I had prepared seafood for my mom and dad and ended up with horrible heartburn. I guess when you are use to eating beef, seafood (and butter) is much too rich of a diet!
We went back to red meat on New Year’s Day and enjoyed a home-raised prime rib.
• • •
It seems that 2012 is coming in like a lion, with strong winds to keep blowing all week.
While we were setting a few traps, we even saw a few snowdrifts—and I actually didn’t think we had enough snow for it to drift.
It’s funny to see the livestock react to the weather change. My cows either were in the bush or standing so their butts blocked the wind while the sheep (who really are hot all winter long) took shelter in their over-crowded house.
I had been feeding my cattle in a very open area, but decided to unroll some hay in a more sheltered area so it was more comfortable and so the hay didn’t just blow away!
I will move my cattle closer to home near the end of this month since I should start to see some calves around Feb. 10. Some of my friends will see some calves by the end of this month.
And so our seasons all start up again!
• • •
Trapping has been somewhat slow but we’re still catching a few things, so it keeps it exciting.
The conditions are tough, though, since some trails are off-limits due to the lack of snow. There isn’t quite enough snow for a snowmachine but its difficult (and cold) on the four-wheeler.
Some of the larger trout lakes on the trap line still have open spots (poor ice) so this limits trail access, as well.
My boyfriend/partner has a busy week of skinning ahead of him (luckily, I have a busy week of work ahead of me!)
• • •
Now with the holidays behind us, I have to get back organized again. My 2012 day-planner needs to be prepared and meeting dates entered.
Normally I have this done but I haven’t had the time yet (so if I miss a meeting, this is why!)
I enjoy hanging up the new calendars each year and look forward to a year of pictures! I particularly enjoy a desk calendar that is produced by “Slippery Moon Ranchography”—it features many day-to-day ranch pictures and Clayton’s niece and her family from Alberta are featured in many of the pictures.
I use this one to jot down birthdays.
So I hope everyone has their new calendars up and are ready to tackle 2012!

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