Applications open for Nuffield Scholarships

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag rep, Emo

The Canadian Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust is accepting applications for its 2013 program.
Applications are due by April 30 (forms can be downloaded from the Nuffield Canada website at
Three scholarships of $15,000 each are available for 2013.
Nuffield Farming Scholarships are awarded to enthusiastic individuals with a passion for agriculture and a desire to expand your knowledge, pursue new ideas, and to share your findings with others.
Applicants should be in mid-career, be between the ages of 30 and 45 (although exceptions are made), and must have a minimum of five years agricultural business or farming experience, plus the management ability to step away from their current duties.
The scholar must travel for a minimum of 10 weeks, with a minimum leg of six-consecutive weeks.
Scholarships are not for those involved in full-time studies or for the purpose of furthering research projects.
“The Canadian Nuffield Farming Scholarship provides innovative Canadians with the funding to travel internationally to expand their personal horizons while exploring agricultural issues and opportunities in a global context,” said Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote, chair and 2003 scholar.
“We are focused on developing the practical, managerial, and commercial capacities of each scholar to enable them to be better farmers, business managers, and leaders, and to make a significant contribution to the future of Canadian agriculture,” she added.
The scholarships are awarded to men and women who are judged to have the greatest potential to create value for themselves, their industries, and their communities through the doors which will be opened and the opportunities provided for life-long learning and improvement.
The scholarships are awarded on the strength of the applicants’ vision, enthusiasm, and determination to pursue their goals.
A Nuffield Farming Scholarship is a life-changing experience. Scholars receive a “golden key” to the best production, management, and marketing systems in every corner of the world.
In addition to embracing the “world’s best” in agriculture, scholars gain life-long friends from around the world, as well as a deep understanding—and global perspective—of the politics, cultures, and challenges of world agriculture.
A key part of the scholarship is the opportunity for winners to study a topic of interest to themselves throughout their travels.
Scholars must complete their project within two years of winning the award, and are expected to produce a written report and present their findings at the Nuffield annual general meeting, as well as to others in their industries.
Canadian Nuffield scholars also are required to participate in the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), where they will meet with scholars from other countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and France, to exchange ideas and experiences, and join a network of people who are at the cutting edge of primary industry.
Applications must be received by April 30.
For more information on Nuffield Canada, visit
For questions about the international element, visit

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