All the best laid plans

Nothing these days is business as usual. COVID-19’s invasion into our everyday life is obvious – roped off parks, closed shops and schools. But what might not be so obvious is what’s going on behind the scenes in our hospital system. Our entire healthcare team, from the NWHU through to doctors, nurses and support staff, have been quietly planning for this virus. They’ve been stockpiling supplies, recruiting staff, and rearranging wards.

Although we’re in excellent and caring hands with our local medical team, they can’t do it alone. They only have the luxury of forward planning because residents in the Rainy River District have been diligent. Our streets are quiet, and workplaces dispersed. It’s been difficult, but our efforts are paying off. We can still count on our hands how many cases we have, in a population of more than 82,000. That’s no small feat. Every time you opt to stay home, it helps our medical staff to continue their careful preparations.

Let’s keep helping them save lives.