‘Age Power’ special worth watching

It’s never happened before. But that really doesn’t matter because it’s happening now.
The demographics of society are changing radically. As a nation and as a world, we’re growing significantly older.
For tens of thousands of years, people expected to live short lives and life expectancy remained steady at less than 18 years. Then came important breakthroughs in pasteurization, sanitation, medicine, and public health–resulting in an incredible longevity explosion.
An explosion so revolutionary that two-thirds of all the men and women who have ever lived past age 65 in the entire history of the world are still alive today.
But, says gerontologist Dr. Ken Dychtwald, “the trend is just beginning.”
And he ought to know. Not only has Dr. Dychtwald emerged as the foremost authority on aging in the U.S., but he also is a member of the generation that will further transform aging in America.
Dr. Dychtwald is a baby boomer–one of the first of this trend-setting generation to reach age 50. And, he predicts, the 46 million baby-bulge that first brought prosperity to diaper makers, then Band-Aid makers, then school builders and college campuses is about to create a new trend.
For the first time, society will face the “elder boomers.” And the face of aging in America will never be the same again.
What all this means to us, as individuals, is that we will simply not be our grandfathers and our grandmothers as we age. And yesterday’s point of view will not be adequate for tomorrow’s realities.
In his most recent book, “Age Power: How the 21st Century Will be Ruled by the New Old,” Dr. Dychtwald faces this issue head-on. He warns of societal and personal train wrecks in the offing unless we accurately assess and plan for the new realities.
Of even more interest, Dr. Dychtwald will host a television special March 9 on PBS called “Age Power! with Ken Dychtwald.” This production should be of immense help to all of us in planning for the next stage of life.
We will live longer, Dr. Dychtwald says in this upcoming special, but more important, we will live differently. We must be the pioneers of the new aging. If we are to live successfully, each of us must learn to reinvent ourselves many times in the coming decades.
It will be the end of a life neatly defined in three boxes–education, work, and leisure. Instead, we will use these building blocks over and over.
We will see 50-year-olds going back to school. And 80-year-olds taking new jobs. We will see more 100-year-olds than we ever imagined possible. Just as the turn of the 20th century was ruled by the industrial revolution’s “nouveau riche,” the turn of the 21st century will be ruled by the baby boomers’ “nouveau old.”
The PBS special “Age Power! with Ken Dychtwald” will both raise and answer questions about your future in this new world.
How will you live? How will you work? How will you play? How will you maintain your health and vitality? How can you continue to enjoy life and be productive into your sixth, seventh, eighth, and even 10th decades? How will you reinvent yourself?
Long life is a remarkable gift. Why not let Ken Dychtwald help you maximize it?

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