A Taste of Summer

The summer season has begun in our family and I suspect a lot of other families across the district. For our family, the beginning of summer is marked by putting the boat in the lake and making that first trip to the cabin.
The boat was launched Thursday night for the first outing on Saturday.
When the cabin is closed down in late fall, all the condiments, canned goods, and perishables are hauled down from the lake.
My wife talks that when summer begins, the shopping pattern for groceries also changes. On Thursday evenings, she shops for groceries for the weekend at the lake. Then on Monday, she shops for groceries for the week at home.
There doesn’t appear to be a lot of overlap.
The grocery bill in the summer doubles that of the winter. On Saturday, before we headed to the lake, the first cabin shopping began. It is the reverse of fall. The larder had to be restocked. Condiments, perishables, canned goods were all added to that first shopping bill.
We were at the grocery story early in the morning.
The van was loaded with all the supplies, as well as the deck furniture I had built in the winter.
It was a glorious day to be at the lake, and everything appeared to be in good order. There were no signs that the little critters had entered either cabin. Both were cold from having been locked up since late last fall.
We flipped the breakers and the power was back on. The fridge started humming.
Everything was going so well that, shortly after lunch, we decided to put the water in. Water systems seem to try everyone. It was the same with us. We primed the pump. Nothing happened.
There seemed to be some air in the system and we primed again. Nothing happened. We went through the routine again hoping that the system would suck the air out of the pipe into the lake.
We gave up and began looking for other problems. The pipe into the lake was disconnected and there appeared to be no water in it. We lowered it into the water and filled it up. But as we lifted the pipe back out of the lake, the water slipped back down into the pipe.
Obviously the foot valve was not operating.
My oldest son volunteered to go into the lake and swim out to the end of the line. The water temperature was only reading 43.8 degrees F and the northern pike were spawning along the beach (it was the first time in all of our life going to the cabin that we witnessed northern pike spawning).
He was going to be the hero of the day.
He followed the pipe out and found the valve buried in the sand. It probably was clogged with sand and not functioning properly, however, he was not staying in the water too long.
Plan ‘B’ was required. Owing to the difficulty we have putting in the water, we have lots of spare parts on hand. A short piece of pipe was found, along with a new foot valve, and connected to the pump. We had water, and with water, we also had hot water.
Probably every cottage owner faces their own set of challenges to open their cabins. Our next-door neighbours , the Griefs, had arrived from Oregon and faced a set of challenges just to get their boat into the lake.
Arriving at their cabin, they found their floating boat port had broken loose and was in need of repair. We helped them secure the floating structure back to land with ropes.
They were going to begin putting their water system in on Sunday.
Our phone connection had a huge buzz on the line that made calling in or out impossible. That, too, will be repaired in the next two weeks.
The dock that was rebuilt last year, which we never got to use, has lots of water around it today. This weekend, walleye fishing season opens. We hope to have a feed of fish on Saturday.
My wife managed to sunburn her cheeks Saturday as she began her summer reading on the deck sitting in the new deck furniture. I dusted off my rods and began getting back into casting shape.
Summer and the cabin are here.

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