A minority government can work

By Sarah Campbell
On Oct. 6, voters across the Kenora-Rainy River riding sent a clear message to the rest of the province: we want to be heard.
I would like to thank everyone for the support and faith you have put in me. I am honoured to take our message to Queen’s Park and fight for fairness for the north.
The 2011 election also handed us an opportunity we have not had for more than 20 years: a minority government.
To me, a minority government is an opportunity to rewrite politics. It is a reason for all parties to work together to make positive change in our communities.
On many issues there is common ground between parties. I believe this can allow us to build a relationship of co-operation rather than conflict among parties.
During our first caucus meeting last week, my party reaffirmed our commitment to help make life more affordable by taking action that includes removing the HST off home heating, hydro, and gas for our cars—and we are willing to work with the other parties to make this happen.
Since the election, the NDP has extended an olive branch to both the Liberals and Conservatives, and has an open offer to sit down with both parties to discuss how we can work together to achieve our goals and work to make parliament work for people across this province.
I believe the minority parliament can work. By focusing on getting results for people, rather than the political grandstanding that often characterized the recent federal minority governments, we can work together to improve life in Northwestern Ontario.
It is my sincere hope that the other two parties share this vision, and that we can begin working together to bring change not only to politics but also our communities.
We can make the cost of living more affordable. We can invest in health care in a way that allows communities of all sizes to have their needs met. We can ensure our province’s education system is second-to-none.
We can bring jobs back to the north.
I am committed to working with my colleagues of all political stripes to ensure we accomplish these things.

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