A case against Lynn Beyak

Sam Crowe

Dear editor,

I am an American-Canadian dual citizen, proud to call northwest Ontario home. I am grateful to those persons who devote their time and energy to the governance of our country. Among those who represent me and a diverse group of peoples in our region and country is Senator Lynn Beyak.
As a Senator duly appointed by the viceregal representative of Her Majesty the Queen, the Governor General, Ms. Beyak enjoys the responsibilities and privileges afforded to a select few. She is even styled as “The Honourable.”
How does our illustrious Senator handle this momentous prerogative? By trying to explain away the cultural genocide of our nation’s aboriginal peoples. By refusing to account for her behaviour. We can now add allegedly breaking American election law and undermining democratic institutions to the list.
As a dual citizen, I cherish my right to vote in each country’s democratic processes. Given the current political climate and the history of voter suppression, I particularly value my right as an American to cast my ballot, especially from abroad. I also hold my adoptive country and its laws dear as a naturalized Canadian immigrant and practicing lawyer.
Lynn Beyak’s alleged actions undermine those institutions. In her infinite wisdom, she allegedly felt it prudent to attempt to influence the outcome of an election to which she cannot lawfully take part. If this is what we can continue to expect from her time in the Chamber, I feel she is decidedly unfit for the seat.
Expulsion is the only answer. It is the only consequence befitting such a person.

Sam Crowe
Thunder Bay