A busy first week at Queen’s Park

After much anticipation, MPPs returned to Queen’s Park on Nov. 21 for the fall sitting of the Legislative Assembly—and it was a very busy week.
The 40th Parliament formally began with the Speech from the Throne, in which the government’s plans for the upcoming session were outlined.
While the speech carried a tone of the conciliation, suggesting the government wants to work with the opposition, it has become apparent that their view of “working together” is seeking opposition support for its priorities, not vice-versa.
It appears that Premier Dalton McGuinty has not learned from the Oct. 6 election, where the overwhelming majority of voters (62 percent) rejected the Liberal plan for our province.
The throne speech boasted about the gains the province has made—despite the fact that under McGuinty’s stewardship, we have become a “have not” province, have had our debt spiral out of control, have seen families’ monthly income drop substantially, and have seen the jobless rate hit its highest points in decades.
The willingness of this government to boast about its failures was clear last Wednesday morning when I was able to ask my first question in Question Period.
When asked why this government needlessly is holding up mining development in our region by its unwillingness to work with First Nations to promote economic opportunities, Aboriginal Affairs minister Kathleen Wynne congratulated her government on creating her position while failing to acknowledge more needs to be done.
This approach by the Liberals not only is holding back mining development, but is keeping jobs out of our region.
You can rest assured I will continue to bring this up until the province takes real steps that will allow us to benefit from the mineral wealth in our region’s far north.
While there were frustrations, there also were two very positive notes to my first week in the Legislative Assembly. The first being my chance to congratulate, during members’ statements on Nov. 24, the volunteers of Dryden’s Second Chance Pet Network on their great work over the past two years and the ground-breaking at the future site of their permanent shelter.
The second highlight was the introduction of colleague Mike Mantha’s bill to remove HST from home heating, which now has passed first and second reading and has been sent to committee.
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