Dear sir: On Sunday, I went out to the Kiwanis Sunny Cove Camp where the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club was putting on a fish fry for the seniors of Fort Frances, International Falls, and area. First of all, you could hardly find room to park a car. Then on arriving […]

To the Editor: I was just out to talk to my Aunt Midge about the so-called “Y2K” predicament we’re in. They have no woodstove nor do most people. Could we survive for a week in January with no heat? How would you store food? Think of what you see with […]

Dear sir: I have written the following open letter to Tourism minister Cam Jackson. Mr. Jackson, I am writing to urge you, as minister of tourism, to get involved now in the border waters fishing issue in Northwestern Ontario. So far the job of publicly defending the conservation of Ontario’s […]

The Bobolink is another blackbird which is “different.” It has a short, stubby beak, and is quite a bit smaller than a robin. The male bird is quite handsome in jet black and white, with a big buff patch on the back of its head and neck. The female is […]

Oh, but it’s hard to explain how grand my new computer is! Actually, it isn’t a new computer it all. It’s nearly three years old. But after this week’s update, my work life will be easier than ever. To begin with, there’s extra space on my hard drive. Lots of […]

Dear sir: My name is Joey Lee and I am 12 years-old. For the past several months, my step-brother, David, and I have been looking forward to entering the “Bassin for Bucks” bass tournament in Sioux Narrows, along with my uncle, Rob McNay, and my step-dad, Rod Halliday. We spent […]

Charles Maurel “Charlie” Petri, 79, of Arcadia, Fl., passed away Friday, Aug. 27, 1999 in Port Charlotte, Fl. after a battle with emphysema. He was born Aug. 15, 1920 in Nashwauk, Mn. but emigrated to Canada in 1924 with his parents and settled in the Blackhawk area. In his early […]

Ellard Teeple, 77, of Blackhawk, Ont., passed away Thursday, Aug. 26, 1999 at the Emo Hospital in Emo, Ont. He was born Nov. 25, 1921 in Gratton Township, Ont. to the late Irvin and Beatrice Teeple. Ellard moved to the Rainy River District with his family in 1931. As a […]

As a citizen, do you recognize your local fire department as a partner in community services? Your fire department, whether full-time or volunteer, has an important function within your community. The fire department performs fire suppression and life-saving functions, and responds to many other challenging emergencies such as motor vehicles […]

In this time of sorrow, we sadly announce the passing of our dear husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Henry Joseph Asselin, 74, of Donald Street, Pinewood, Ont., passed away peacefully at the Rainy River Hospital on Tuesday, Aug. 10, 1999. Henry is survived by his wife, Anne Marie; children, Randy […]

Delores R. Bombay, of 901 Shevlin Ave., Fort Frances, Ont., passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. She was born Aug. 5, 1948 in Emo Ont. She was a member of Rainy River First Nation where she resided until her teen years. Her later years were spent in Fort […]