Wrong target

Dear sir:
I read your recent article “Health unit hasn’t decided on appeal yet” (F.F. Times, Feb. 25) with interest.
It certainly was no surprise to PUBCO that the appeal board ruled against Dr. Sarsfield. As far as the hazards associated with second-hand smoke are concerned, there is a lot of junk science being used to justify the health industry’s position, and certainly Dr. Sarsfield should not have been permitted to do an end run around the democratic process.
Obviously, the appeal board took this into consideration when making its decision.
On the question of costs, it is stated that the taxpayer is only picking up $20,000 of the legal costs generated by Dr Sarsfield’s precipitate actions. In actual fact, the cost to the taxpayer is considerably higher.
The Ontario Tobacco Network is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, so we can add another $125,000 onto the taxpayers’ tab for a total of $145,000.
However, $145,000 is a mere drop in the ocean when compared to the millions of dollars of public money being squandered by all levels of government in their witch-hunt against small bar owners.
I would suggest that the health zealots who are so keen to stop people smoking should start at the top and campaign for the banning of tobacco rather than carrying out their insidious social engineering on the backs of innocent business persons.
Barry F. McKay
General Manager,
Pub and Bar Coalition
of Canada (PUBCO)