Why the cuts?

Dear editor:
Are we reading what is written by concerned writers’ submissions to the “Letters to the Editor?” We certainly are not!
You only have to read Gary Rogozinski’s submission, “Another Perspective,” to both the Fort Frances Times and the West End Weekly to see that his concerns were written in its entirety in the Westend Weekly, whereas the Fort Frances Times shaved off about 40 percent of what was written!
I believe a newspaper hosting this program should either print the writer’s entire submission or not print it at all.
Articles that I have written recently were published leading to the climax of the story, but omitted on the last submission by both the Fort Frances Times and the Rainy River Record, thus leaving their readers in a state of curiosity and confusion to the outcome.
A very negative decision on the part of the editors.
We, the writers, are instructed by the newspaper to sign our submissions, along with providing our address and telephone number, for libel purposes. So why the cuts?
Mike Baranowski
Nestor Falls, Ont.