David Kircher

Dear editor:
The following letter was sent to the chairman and trustees of the Rainy River District School Board.
In the Jan. 14, 2009 edition of the Fort Frances Times, the board issued a press release indicating the following:
“As a result of a decision in the Ontario Court of Justice last Thursday [Jan.8], the Rainy River District School Board accepts responsibility for failing to immediately report a faulty drinking water monitor at Sturgeon Creek School to the Ministry of Environment in October, 2007.”
In fact, the RRDSB pleaded guilty to:
“That the Rainy River District School Board, during the period beginning on or about the 12th of October, 2007, ending on or about the 4th day of December 2007, at Sturgeon Creek School . . . did commit the offence of being the owner of a regulated non-municipal drinking water system; failed to ensure that at all times for which it was in service, the drinking water system was maintained in a fit state of repair contrary to Section 11(1)(2) ii of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002.”
I would assume for that period of time (Oct. 12-Dec 4, 2007), the board would have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the staff and students/parents were apprised of the situation and that precautionary measures were implemented. Was that, in fact, the case?
Why did it take so long to repair the system?
The board’s press release concerning this situation does not accurately reflect the above charge. Why?
As well, why has the board issued a press release on this situation to its constituents and not acknowledged or communicated any information to its constituents regarding the missing funds at Fort Frances High School in October, 2007?
I will look forward to your response.
David Kircher
Fort Frances, Ont.