Wake up, protesters

Dear editor,

Last week on behalf of the West rainy River District Lions, I had the opportunity to assist the Northwestern Health Unit at their Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic in Rainy River. It was a very positive and fulfilling experience. The NWHU staff was very professional, well organized and efficient. The clients from across the District were polite and happy- no delighted- to be receiving the much sought after vaccine. Not a single dose was wasted as standby lists found willing arms for any extra doses. The first day, two clients had to come back on the second day when there were not quite enough doses. On the second day at the end, there was one dose left and we scurried around and found another willing arm in need of a jab.

These waiting lists are necessary because an occasional appointment gets missed and also the number of doses per vial can vary so your NWHU staff can’t know exactly how many shots they have right up to the end of the day. BUT NOT A SINGLE DOSE WENT TO WASTE.


On the flip side it was very disheartening to see those mean spirited, uninformed people on the front page photo of last week’s Times protesting against social distancing requirements put in place by our governments. How foolish they are.

We are at war with a vicious, indiscriminate killer and those fools pictured are all exposing us to our enemy. None of us likes having to isolate. It is depressing, hard, and stressful. But following the rules and vaccinating is the only hope we have of defeating the enemy. The recent surges we are experiencing in our communities is the direct result of the foolishness and unpatriotic actions of a few unwilling to make a small sacrifice of their convenience and exposing the rest of the community to an enemy that may extract the ultimate sacrifice from the rest of us.

Science tells us there is a very real danger if we don’t get this COVID-19 virus quickly knocked down and under control that new variants immune to our vaccine efforts could sweep the world, destroying more millions.

So rant, shout, wave signs and spread your false words and the infection. You prove only one thing, “You can’t fix stupid!”

Yours truly
John H (Jack) Elliott