Vindictive letter

Dear editor:
Upon reading Margaret Ann Hudson’s recent letter to the editor, I am bewildered at her astute way of introducing trivial nonsense.
Mrs. Hudson claimed that when there was a vacant seat opened, a byelection is to be called for and the people of a riding have the right to vote for whom they wish.
Well, I did not get to vote for anyone when Mr. Gilson’s seat on council became available. No citizen did, except for the mayor and councillors. Is this not so, Margaret Ann?
Next you bring in the veterans to weigh your statements. Let me tell you this, I am proud to say that I had two uncles who fought in the war to give us this freedom to vote (both men were seriously injured and have passed on since).
Mrs. Hudson, you seem to be very hypercritical of our past letters. I was a scrutineer at this byelection, but didn’t see you there standing up for Todd Hamilton.
I am appalled that your letter came across as impetuous as it was. There also was the statement that there is a slate of very fine people on town council, and to think there is no underhanded dealings or coffee shop meetings is questionable.
I ask you, Margaret Ann, to ask any layman, the person who waits on you in a store or gas station or restaurant, any hard-working citizen who lives off his/her paycheque from payday to payday, what they think of wrongdoings in backrooms or coffee shops?
Do they think there is? I’m sure I can answer it easily. I have respect for our councillors and mayors, but sometimes we make the wrong choices.
My grandfather, Matthew Grynol, was first elected to council in 1937 and had been re-elected ever since—many times by acclamation—until his passing on. He also sat on the public utilities board, sewer and water, and finance boards.
Matthew Grynol also was appointed as deputy mayor by Mayor B.V. Holmes. When approached by a citizen on town concerns, he did not kick dirt in their face but extended his hand out and asked, “What can we help you with?”
Another well-respected mayor was Allan Avis, once again extending his hand to help. Another good mention also would be Mayor Dan Onichuk.
I am here to stand up for the town’s citizens, I am not going away. So, Margaret Ann Hudson, climb off your high horse as I do not appreciate getting looked down upon.
I personally feel that your letter was apathetic and vindictive.
Thank you,
Ken Grynol
Fort Frances, Ont.