Very grateful

Dear editor:
I wanted to take this space to recognize my staff and the help they received on Saturday (Feb. 10).
While I was away, a sprinkler valve broke in our mechanical room, causing a lot of water spillage. My staff handled the situation very calmly and professionally, and they contacted the people who could help them.
I wanted to thank the following people who came to their rescue and offered their help: Rob from Peters Plumbing, Ken from KJ’s Refrigeration, Daryl’s Landscaping for coming promptly to sand the ice channel that had been built, the fire department for helping the girls out in any way they could, and our guest, Clayton Clase, who assisted the girls in shutting off the valves.
I am very proud of my staff for the way they handled everything. And thank you once again to everyone who assisted them with this task.
Wanda Barker
Super 8 Motel