Valuable program

Dear sir:
For the past two years, the Fort Frances Public Library has offered a tutoring program in which high school students are hired to tutor children between senior kindergarten and Grade 3.
The tutors assist the children to get on track with their math and/or reading skills.
There were 30 children who benefited from this valuable program last year. It was founded with a start-up grant the first year and by the Library Board Foundation the second year.
My family had first-hand experience to these benefits. The tutors offered the little extra time these children needed to conquer their trouble areas. The changes seen in my child are proof of how valuable this program is.
Her self-esteem and self-confidence shines through.
My child and I would like to thank Jason for his invaluable assistance this year. You have made a big difference in a little girl.
Unfortunately, this upcoming year the funding for it has been cut and without a sponsor, this program is being cancelled. There are many children that will not benefit as my child has from this program.
Rhondele Korpi-Angus