True reconciliation

Dear editor,

What is really very important?

As a Canadian citizen, I get angry and frustrated when I see the dialogue and effort being made to change names and deface and remove statues, when there are so many urgent and important issues to deal with. That about those dear Indigenous children in the care of the Children’s Aid Society? These children should be at home with their parents and parenting skills should be given to these parents. Statistics show the number of children in care is increasing! This is 2020! Let’s get with it!

What about clean water for some reserves! The taxpayers and government are trying to remedy this problem. They could use help from the grassroots population.

Also, what about the problem of missing and Indigenous girls? Help and much training and supervision is needed here.

I am sure the taxpayers of Canada would see more of a reconciliation process if these problems were solved. There is a lot of taxpayer money spent here that could be used in our healthcare system – especially with the Covid-19 crisis. This is so needed by all citizens.

History is history. We have learned from our mistakes. Let’s go forward on real issues.

Changing names will not promote reconciliation – that will only come from forgiveness, heartfelt feelings of honesty, truth, kindness and tolerance. Also thankfulness for what has been achieved by our government and all citizens.

We are so fortunate to live in our wonderful country of Canada, surrounded by people of so many heritages. Let’s put our dialogue, energy, effort and money where they are really needed.

Marjorie Macklem