Train safety concerns

Dear editor,
Wow! A big thank you and relief that no one was injured in the Barwick derailment this past Friday.
Maybe this is a good time again to hear and to express what and how people think and feel in the district in regards to the safety of our communities.
The concerns I have, especially in our towns, are nothing new and include the following:
•high speed;
•derailments causing potential explosions, casualties, destruction, and environmental hazards and spills;
•emergency evacuation;
•risks of casualties at crossings; and
•prolonged loud whistle blasts.
Limiting the speed of train through towns would decrease the chance of derailments and subsequent potential dangers.
Do we know what the options of emergency evacuations would be, for example, in Manitou and other town sections located south of the tracks in the district, if crossings would be all blocked at the same time, and people could not escape?
Installing gates at crossings will reduce the risk of casualties.
If installing gates would be adequately safe, maybe the whistle blasts can be eliminated, and our children and adults who live close to the tracks would be spared from the noise pollution.
I do want to take this opportunity also to express my thankfulness to CN for all the people they employ in our communities.
My request to CN would be that the CN representatives for our area would hold public meetings in the different towns and locations across the district to give the public an opportunity to express their concerns.
Thank you kindly.
With great concern,
Jurgen Schmutz
Emo, ON