Too soon to reopen Canadian border

Dear editor,

I’m writing to you out of concern for the opening of our border to the United States of America.

As a citizen of this border town, I personally think it’s too soon. After all, they are holding off on letting Canadians and Americans crossing their borders, when in fact, the Delta variant is on the rise at an alarming rate within their own country. The Delta variant is getting fully vaccinated people sick, too. Some state hospitals are turning away patients due to the lack of beds. Plus, staff is getting hard to find.

Yet, we are willing to open our border and welcome them in?

Understandable, one of our mayor assets is tourism. But at what cost to the health and welfare, not to mention our lives, do we put money first? Hmm?

Good example, Tokyo. With the pandemic on the rise in Japan, they are still going ahead with the Olympic Games. Even with the fact that they are not letting any spectators attend the games, they are still going to continue with them. Since the first two weeks of the athlete’s arrival, there have been Covid breakouts within the athletes. How many more before these games are over? And what happens when they come home? Another quarantine? The virus will not stay at japan’s border, for the virus knows no boundaries, or in this case, no borders.

Maybe it’s time to think of becoming a more self-sufficient nation. Not to rely so much on others. In this age of technology, we have new resources to make things work in places, when at one time, it was unthinkable. Made in Canada, grown in Canada, by Canadian workers.

In conclusion to this letter, it should be kept in mind, that even Johnson &Johnson, the one shot only company, is now developing a booster shot like Pfizer and Moderna came up with their third shot.

This epidemic/pandemic is NOT over!

Let’s keep Canada safe (starting at OUR border!)

Thank you for your time,
Ron Chapman