Time to wake up

Dear sir:
I have been a resident of Fort Frances for most of my life. I am writing this in regards to employment opportunities in Fort Frances, or lack thereof.
It is no secret that Fort Frances has undergone a considerable exodus of people aged 18-30. Many of these people have been family and friends of mine looking for opportunities that our town simply cannot provide.
I have chosen to stay for many of the same reasons that people reading this paper have. Without going into too much detail, I enjoy our friendly community and our surrounding wilderness, and I truly believe this is an excellent place to raise a family.
As some of you may know, I have tried my hand at several business ventures and attempted to acquire employment from numerous local businesses, including the mill on countless occasions, to provide for my family.
Most recently, I have been forced to apply for a taxi driver’s licence as a last resort to keep my family here.
To my complete surprise, at a recent council meeting I was denied the privilege (please insert sarcasm here) to drive a taxi in this town as a result of mistakes made in my past.
I make no excuses for my past, but I find it hard to believe that I can travel to any country in the world, yet I cannot drive a cab in my hometown. This begs the question, “What am I doing here?”
There are no current opportunities for young people. I notice no indication that the town is trying to attract industry of any type. So now I sit here during the holidays, beleaguered and wondering: Where do I move my family? How will my children react to leaving their extended family and friends behind?
I know everything will work out, but it is unfortunate that it will have to work out somewhere else.
It’s time to wake up our elected officials before the town loses any more residents.
Just a memory,
Eric Onichuk
Fort Frances, Ont.