The value of volunteers

Dear editor,

The West Rainy River District Lions Club has just wrapped up another successful fundraiser known as the RRWT Pontoon Boat Raffle drawn this past September 19 at the Big Tent with the help of the Rainy River Walleye Tournament. Financially it was very successful and 100% of all the profits allows the WRRD Lions to fund a whole range of charitable projects and organizations across the Rainy River Valley and indeed across Ontario. Things like Childhood Cancer Care, Diabetes Foundation, and CNIB Guide Dog programs all receive funding. Youth activities, playground improvements, emergency disaster assistance, food banks, 4H Clubs and senior’s recreational opportunities are some of the other items across the Rainy River Valley the WRRD Lions helps with.

The WRRD Lions owes its fundraising success all to the volunteer efforts of Rainy Valley residents and businesses. The WRRD Lions home club area is designated as the District from Morley Municipality north to Lake of the Woods and west to the Rainy River. There a small army of individuals donated their time and effort to distributing and selling tickets across the RR Valley. Businesses within that area helped immensely selling and collecting funds. Other businesses and clubs to the east and north of Barwick were also a big part of the effort when they stepped in generously offering their services and that of their staff selling the raffle tickets.

Overall this illustrates how important volunteers are in the life of our community. We live in many different villages and locales, but across the Valley we are one wider community and neighbours helping neighbours is what makes this such a wonderful place to live.

Thank you to every volunteer across our Rainy River Valley.

On behalf of the WRRD Lions Club,
Jack Elliott
Chair, Communications/fundraising committee