The meaning of preparedness

Eleanor Barron

It’s amazing how life can go from normal to the “new normal” in such a short period of time. A few weeks ago, who would have known the meaning of “social distancing” or “self isolation”? Today, I met a friend outside Safeway. It was good to see him, but we maintained our distance as we chatted.
Of course the talk revolved around COVID-19 and how it has affected our daily life. Interestingly enough, we both agreed that the slower pace of life has had its positive side. We are spending more time in our kitchens preparing our own food. We are enjoying time spent with our spouses. All the things that had kept us busy have suddenly been taken away.
Our talk turned to preparedness. How do we prepare for something like this? Do we stock pile toilet paper and canned goods? While it’s never a bad idea to have a two-week emergency supply, there has to be more to being prepared than stockpiling hand sanitizers and toilet paper.
This is a time to focus on the things of true value that can never be taken away from us. This is a time to consider spiritual things and reconnect with the God who loves us. He has been waiting in the wings while we have filled our days with movies and sporting events, restaurants and social events. These things are quickly disappearing, but God is still there waiting for us to reach out to Him. The Bible tells us, “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55:6. This is what real preparedness looks like.