Tenacity saluted

Nadia Hedman

Dear editor:
Just a short comment on the ongoing “search for truth” that Mr. David Kircher has been seeking in relation to the missing funds at Fort Frances High School.
I feel that by not addressing this entire issue, the board of education is hoping that the people (taxpayers) will just forget about it all as more time passes.
Thank goodness for Mr. Kircher’s tenacity and eloquence in continuing to pursue answers. I wish there were more people who would speak up—the public does want to know!
Another article that I feel needs support is the comment Dr. Dan Pierroz expressed in last week’s Times that people not put their dogs in the back of their pickup trucks.
What foolishness is this? I love my pet, I want to take it for a nice ride, so I’ll just put it in the back of my truck?! This is absurd!
The danger to your “loved pet” is inevitable if you have to make a sudden stop, take a corner too fast, are rear-ended, or are just “showing off” by driving too fast.
When will people learn that if you truly care about your pet, leave them at home—when it’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, and certainly never put them in the back or your truck!
Take responsibility and smarten up—you’re not doing your pet any favours by putting them at risk.
Thank you for the space in your paper.
Nadia Hedman
Fort Frances, Ont.
Concerned citizen
and avid pet-lover