Support growing for local Assisted Living seniors facility

Dear editor,

If indeed The Copper River Inn is for sale, what a wonderful idea to “turn it into” an Assisted Living residence for seniors in Fort Frances! Many months ago, when The Times printed a possible use of the Wood yard along the river, we were happy to see that some of the thinkers in Fort Frances were designating a spot on the plan for such a facility. So often in the past few years, I have realized that folks we have known, are suddenly not here any more because this type of accommodation is not available. These people really require such a facility – they have had to move either to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg – even Kenora.

The reason we seniors would like a choice of accommodation is that perhaps we are getting a little more tired, and after 66 years of preparing meals, (maybe 30,000 of them) keeping up a household, it’s time to retire and really enjoy living here in Fort Frances where we are so very happy, without concerns of shopping for food, having some help with our computers, taking us for little jaunts in the area and generally just relaxing.

My sister lives in Winnipeg, needs some assistance and there is some kind of tax help that she receives from the government, to help with the monthly rent. Their meals are prepared properly with attention to diet, and there is an exercise program for them to attend as well as many other benefits.

Just asking – is there anything on the horizon for Fort Frances?….and if not – why not? The Copper River Inn would be a start, would it not? There is a full kitchen to prepare meals, a large area for dining, exercise, office space, and for the cherry on top – there is a swimming pool where residents could do aquasizes! (which sadly we do not have now!)

Please try to move forward with something for us, so we do not have to move to another city to attain what we require in our happy later years.

M.A. Hudson