Site opposed

Dear editor:
I am writing this letter to express our opposition to the construction of an abattoir in the town of Emo.
We have no problem with an abattoir being built. We just don’t want it being built in the town of Emo.
Do the people of Emo realize the devastating effect this proposed abattoir could have on our town. There will be a horrible smell drifting through our neighbourhoods.
Common sense should tell us that it will stink terribly. Dumping blood in our lagoon certainly will cause odours, and storing the offal at the abattoir site for several days at a time will create a stench that cannot be contained.
Building a slaughter house in the town of Emo will dramatically reduce all of our property values. I am not willing to sit back and let them devalue the 26 years of equity that we have built up in our home.
It is obvious that Emo council, in its haste to bring “industry” to our town, has overlooked the possible ramifications of building an abattoir so close to residential and recreational areas.
Town council has donated the property for the abattoir because it wants to revitalize Emo by attracting new business and new people to our town. But if they think an abattoir will do this, they are fooling themselves—and compromising our town in the process.
Emo will become known for its horrible smell rather than for the quaint, friendly town that it is. Building the abattoir outside of Emo would make much more sense.
The people of Emo need to let council know how they feel. Attend the meetings and fill out your comment forms.
We live in a democratic society. We cannot sit back and let them force this abattoir on us in its current proposed location.
Brenda and
Mervon Hartlin
Emo, Ont.