Sincere thanks

Dear sir:
I’m writing this letter to thank everyone involved in helping us find our much-loved bloodhound, Ellie Mae, who had been missing for three days when we called Fort Frances Friends of Animals.
We were given the number of Pet Patrol—who “put out the call.”
A work crew up by the Dryden highway quickly called to say Ellie May was by the Crowrock bridge the last few days—they had been giving her doughnuts and sandwiches, but she would not get close enough for them to catch her.
With this news, Kurt Carlson and his friend, Ron, helped look until dark for Ellie Mae.
Unfortunately, we didn’t find her. However, Kurt’s neighbour, Jody, called him to confirm Ellie Mae was in the area—he had seen her shortly after we had been there.
While looking the following morning, Ellie Mae came out of the brush, running up to me.
Through tears and laughter, barks and whines, the help of friends and strangers, Ellie Mae got home. Thank you, everyone!
Mary and
Roger Madland
Fort Frances, Ont.