Sign needed

Dear editor:
The article in the Fort Frances Times regarding the work done on our behalf in the past interval—on the sandbagging effort and on the detour with the signage and instructions—is much appreciated!
We local taxpayers know how frustrating for tourists and strangers to find their way around and out.
However, it is appropriate to point out that the nighttime stranger and driver could have a problem that easily could develop into a lawsuit—with considerable cost to us taxpayers!
Please note that there is no ending signage at the south end of Victoria Avenue. In the dark, it appears as if the road continues through the break in the trees.
It appears that the streetlights aren’t working even though there is a light in the distance on the American side.
The curb isn’t even painted yellow.
One notes a vacant galvanized pole in the right of way that perhaps there once was a sign or indication the road stops.
Perhaps the town crew could find some sign (i.e., stop, checkerboard, or even a leftover orange arrow) that could fend off a disaster and install it on the post.
Thanks for your consideration and efforts on our behalf.
John Steinke
Fort Frances, Ont.