Shocking bill

Dear sir:
On Dec. 30, 2003, I received a huge bill from the Town of Fort Frances for sewer and water services. This was a shock to me because in the 14 months I’ve lived here, I had never received a bill.
When I moved here in the later part of 2002, it was explained to me that sewer and water services were included in my hydro billing. Instead, on Dec. 30 of this past year, I received a bill for 10 months’ usage.
During my conversation with the town, I was told I should have realized that sewer and water no longer were included in my hydro bill by the changes in the amount of my bill.
My questions are these: How was I to realize the change in billing and compare the differences in cost when, as of January, 2003, I had only received one hydro bill? And secondly, how is it I receive a bill for 10 months worth of services right after Christmas instead of receiving my bills every two months like everyone else?
That’s when I was told my bills were being sent to the wrong address and that the only reason I was getting a bill now was that my neighbour, who was receiving my bills all along, alerted the town to the problem.
How does any corporation let almost a year’s worth of billing go unnoticed? How do you continually bill the wrong address for sewer and water, but get my hydro bills to my proper address on time?
I pay my hydro bills regularly at the Civic Centre. At any time they could/should have alerted me to the unpaid charges, but didn’t. I am a responsible person who pays her bills regularly, but was not allotted the opportunity to do so.
I understand mistakes happen, but had I been explained the town’s billing practices more clearly and had they billed my proper address, I would have been anticipating an invoice for some time instead of getting socked with a huge bill right after Christmas.
Amy Wrigley
Fort Frances, Ont.