Setting the record straight

To the editor:
I want to thank Sarah McGinnis of the Fort Frances Times for her interest in the Character for Backus/AB initiative here in International Falls.
One major correction I need to make is that our group of business and community leaders is not prepared to foot the annual cost for keeping the building open. That is exactly the issue.
My point to Ms. McGinnis was that if the local citizens group is given the building, it will be the business community (such as the names listed on our letter to the school board) that will end up being approached year after year to pay the bills.
Whereas if the Institute in Basic Life Principles were to be given the building, it would not cost the community anything, either in terms of added taxation or expected donations. It is a matter of fiscal responsibility for our community.
Also, Ms. McGinnis borrowed freely from her own vocabulary in quoting me several times. My words to her were that the school board was apparently “leap-frogging” over our appeal. I did not “charge” that they were “plowing” over it, or that they were “ignoring” us. We respect our school board members, are praying for them, and hope they can make wise choices in these and other matters.
McGinnis did hit the heart of our concern for the community when she quoted, “we cannot allow our children to be adrift in a culture lacking an accurate sense of moral compass.” Thanks again, Sarah, for initiating the interview.
Ernest Witmer
Pastor, Christian Life Chapel
International Falls, MN