Separate identity

Dear editor:
As a parent of teenage hockey players, I have to give credit to our minor hockey program for producing such great opportunities for our children as they grow.
In watching them grow and mature in this team setting, I have experienced coaches and programs who inspired my children, both goalies, and ones that regrettably did not.
Having always played house league, I was uncertain when my son made the decision to try out for the local ‘AA’ Midget team. The Canadians Midget program had such an amazing reputation of support and discipline that my fears were immediately put to rest.
Dave Egan demands and receives the respect of the players and their parents by producing a program that has brought this team to a remarkable year of tournament wins.
While all of the playing and coaching was going on, I did not realize that the minor hockey board was trying to make the very separate minor hockey Canadians into a look-a-like, wanna-be team of the Muskies.
The idea that was outlined in the April 25th article on minor hockey that the board wants the Canadians to be able to be “singled out” and people to “know who they are,” by going against the original Canadians colours and logo and adopting the high school colours, does nothing if not the exact opposite.
The Canadians stand out because of the team that they are. They stand out at every tournament they play in and are repeatedly complimented because of the discipline that has been instilled in them and the respect that shows through their actions.
They stand out by honouring the original 1952 Allan Cup-winning Canadians team by logically sporting the Canadians colours and logo. They stand out by having a hockey program that is second to none and that I, for one, am proud of my child to be part of.
Many players on the Fort Frances Canadians Midget ‘AA’ team made a conscious decision to play on that team, in that program, and not for the Muskies. Why would a completely separate identity, that offers kids of the same age an alternative to playing high school hockey, want to confuse people into believing that they are connected?
Correct me if I am wrong, but last time I paid my son’s dues to sign up for the Midget ‘AA’ program, I first had to sign him up and pay minor hockey, not the school board.
Donna O’Sullivan
Emo, Ont.