Second home

Dear sir:
I visit the town of Fort Frances each year when I visit my sister, Liz Clark. I find everyone in the town to be so warm and friendly, and over the years it has become a second home.
As yet, I have not experienced the winters although I’ve been told how extremely cold they are. However, the summer is beautiful and made more so with all the displays of colourful plants and, of course the lake, which I have to say is my favourite place.
My sister’s friend has a lakeside cabin and the time spent there is quality time where you can sit and watch nature firsthand.
This year, I am staying in Fort Frances for two months because both my sister and I retire—her this week and me in July.
I hope that this will be the first of many extended holidays—and where better to spend them than in Fort Frances.
Yours sincerely,
Margery Gazzani
Hexham, England