Save the green space

Dear editor,

I live on Sunset Drive and would like to acknowledge the great new sidewalk in our area. We only have to walk 1/2 a mile now to reach that walkway to then walk to the only park in our area. Since I have lived in this McIrvine area, four subdivisions have been developed. The requirement of development is five percent green space allotted, or five percent of the value of the subdivision to the municipality. It’s apparent the town took the money instead of any new green space, hence we have one park, which is lovely, for the whole area. My concern however is the lack of ever adding new green space, instead shrinking it. I would encourage the powers that be to leave the lovely little park on 5th street for the present and future residents in the area. Do the development at the school, and leave the established park alone. As we face climate change, planting trees and having more green space is a contribution to that cause as well.

Linda Hamilton