Sad loss

Dear sir:
It is with great sadness that the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau sees another wonderful volunteer move away to pursue his career elsewhere. I, of course, am speaking of Joey Payeur (who was the sports reporter for the Fort Frances Times).
When Joey came to town, he stopped by the Volunteer Bureau to pick up an application and I instantly liked him. He had a great personality, was young, and ready to take on the world!
Since our initial meeting, Joey has been a regular part of our Volunteer Bureau activities. He has shovelled snow, mowed lawns, raked leaves, worked Bingo, tutored at the library, and helped us with our community Christmas dinner, among other varying activities.
He was always ready to help when he could, and I will miss his energy and dependability.
When I heard he was moving, my heart dropped. It is always hard to lose a volunteer—let alone someone as easy-going and as likeable as Joey.
Joey, we will miss you, but we wish the best to you in your new adventure and we hope you will look back at your experiences with us with great fondness.
Vanessa Hebert and
Karen Haney, F.F.
Volunteer Bureau