Rush, rush again

Bill Krukoski

Dear Mr. Editor:
The town adopted a resolution and removed the traffic lights on Mowat Avenue at the corner where the duty-free store is (by Canada Customs). These lights cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and install.
The town removed these lights, stating publicly that they no longer were needed.
Once the traffic lights were removed, a yield sign was added along with a couple of stop signs. This was the cure for a problem no one seemed to know existed.
How could removing these lights improve traffic flow in a safe manner? Where did this intelligent idea come from?
While we are at it, how can a yield sign to a stop sign work?
Now council has spent more money to have four-way stop signs installed to replace the yield sign that replaced a set of very expensive traffic lights.
What was the total cost of this brainwave to the public, including the cost of removing those lights?
I ask, by way of this letter, for council to provide a listing of these costs by putting them in the local newspaper and sending me a copy. I’m sure, with the transparency and openness every one of you swore to in the last election, you will not hide these figures behind a privacy and freedom of information request.
I’ll not hold my breath, but I am waiting.
Yours truly,
Bill Krukoski
Fort Frances, Ont.