Rewriting history

Dear editor
It’s interesting that in Mr. Boshcoff’s column last week, while trashing the Conservative childcare plan, he made the Liberal Party sound like the saviours of national childcare!
Here is the Liberal “legacy” regarding this issue:
1993—Liberals make a solemn promise to implement a national childcare program and win a majority on that commitment.
1993-97—Nothing happens!
1997—Another majority
1997-2000—Nothing happens!
2000—A third majority
2000-04—Nothing happens!
2004—Liberal arrogance results in a Liberal minority
2005—Liberals claimed they planned to do it all along and claim to be childcare champions!
This is the fact: The plan that childcare advocates support is the NDP plan.
We learn from this that, until the next election, we must beware of Liberals trying to rewrite their history in an effort to “spruce up” their political legacy.
John Rafferty
Fort Frances, Ont.