Report wrongs

Dear Mr. Editor:
Thank you, Mr. Boshcoff, for submitting your Member of Parliament oath to be printed. This writer has the highest respect for you as another human being!
Everyone may read in your oath that your allegiance/obligation is to “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second”!
Did she vote for you? No, the people (public) did in good faith, thinking that your allegiance/obligation will be to them (the public)! How could the people (public) hold you accountable for anything when—in your oath—you have zero allegiance/obligation to them?
Does the Queen of England pay your salary or the people (public) pay your salary? If the people (public) pay your salary, why do you double-cross them by swearing and signing an oath of allegiance/obedience to this third party; namely the English queen?
No man can serve two masters, and your signed oath is the forensic evidence of your allegiance/obedience!
Does this act of betrayal (if it is) by you, Mr. Boshcoff, constitute crimes (pretense, perjury, fraud, trickery) against the people (public) of this area?
On that note, does the “prime directive” (divine right to rule over others) of monarchy that you serve constitute a crime against humanity? Granted, you didn’t create this oath, but you accepted (signed) it and that makes you an accomplice!
Are you ready to start correcting it A.S.A.P. (if it is wrong?)
The duty of every citizen is to report wrongs in procedures and/or in conducts regardless who the wrongdoer is, and stop wrongs by not participating in them so corrections may follow A.S.A.P.!
Thank you,
Andrew Szell
Fort Frances, Ont.