Remarkable job

Dear Mike:
In Emo this year, we have been privy to being serviced by a community-friendly contractor.
Makkinga Contracting, who have been replacing water lines in our community, have gone out of their way to reduce inconveniences to homeowners.
I can’t ever remember a contracting company washing down the streets to reduce the impact of dust to homeowners, or washing the windows for the businesses on Front Street.
They have done a remarkable job of replacing the water line in our community.
This company also has gone beyond expectations to restore properties that were dug up.
In Emo, we are fortunate to have terrific township employees who show up in freezing January temperatures to thaw water lines and repair broken sewer lines.
We often forget how much we depend on our township crews to look after us throughout the year.
Again, I say thank you to John Makkinga and Makkinga Contracting for the wonderful service they have provided to the citizens of Emo, and to the municipal employees who look after us year-round.
Ted Corrigan
Emo, Ont.