Real eyesore

Dear editor:
In response to the clarification by Neil Kabel [on the aboriginal apartment complex on Eighth Street] in last week’s Times.
It is my opinion that there is more to just erecting a building for people to stay. It should be as pleasant on the outside as the inside.
All similar structures in Fort Frances, such as Flinders Place, Shevlin Towers, etc., are.
This place, as shown with my pictures presented to council, is a real eyesore to both residents and their neighbours. These apartments are being built directly behind the houses (not on Eighth Street as suggested in the local paper by N. Kabel and others.
It removes a safe, level backyard for children to play. Some playground equipment has been moved at times to the front yard (check Google StreetView), such as trampolines.
There are vehicles entering and exiting these front yards.
The brush to the east also is a hazard. There are deer there on a daily basis (the 14 deer pictured in the Times two weeks ago are less than 100 yards from this bush).
Although nice to look at, they have been known to attack and even kill people.
A few years ago, there were five bears in this bush—a mother, two older cubs, and two younger ones. A trap was set in my yard. Last year, I have only seen one.
On two different occasions, last year and the year before, I have seen some strange-looking foxes in this bush. They were skinny, with real scruffy fur. They showed no fear of humans when approached.
What would a child do if they encountered one of these animals in that bush?
Before anyone was house in these apartments, the bush should have been removed, properly landscaped, with a proper drainage. And a fence should have been built to keep some of these animals out and to provide a safe place for children to play (not the bush).
A property manager should be employed to look after the brush, grass, garbage, or any hazardous condition, such as the one in the picture supplied to council.
I would like to see the whole north end brought up to, at least, the very minimum standards that the rest of the town enjoys. Where else in the Town of Fort Frances is there a dusty, gravel road running by a residential complex?
I live a half-block away from Eighth Street and I cannot sit outside on a nice day when the wind is blowing the wrong way. Just imagine what the residents put up with.
If the money is not there to correct these important issues, then perhaps it should not be built.
In conclusion, these apartments are a blight to our neighbourhood.
This is a very poorly-planned venture with no drainage plans that I know of—except to direct their run-off to their neighbour’s property.
George Bliss
Fort Frances, Ont.