Ready to serve in vaccine rollout

Dear editor,

Recently, Dr Johnstone, long time physician in Fort Frances, passed away and unfortunately we, as a community were unable to mourn his passing. However, his spirit lives on and as a colleague for 38 years, and a friend for an additional 14 years I feel that I can speak for him. He spent a lifetime striving for better health care in Fort Frances and all of N.W. Ontario.

The elderly here have suffered months of lockdown confined largely to their houses, without visits from loved ones, friends and acquaintances. We are unable to cross borders to seek a better climate for our old bones. I can speak for the seniors who have complied with all that has been asked of us, in the hope that we could help to make there be few local cases. Maybe we remember the sacrifices made in war and during previous epidemics (Diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, measles to name a few). All these have been solved with vaccines. We know better than most that the vaccine is the end game. Therefore, it is my ask Mr Powlowski, where are the COVID-19 vaccines for the Rainy River District? When can expect the first doses to be injected in arms and when can I expect the opportunity to be offered one as a high risk 84 year old senior living at home? It would be a disappointment if held up by bureaucratic bungling!

There is not anything worse than this current uncertainty and the elderly here are entitled to have their minds put to rest.

As a retired physician I am prepared to roll up my sleeves, don protective equipment and get the vaccines into arms, and yes do the necessary paper work! But we need the vaccines and we need them NOW! We need to free the most vulnerable in our community from their isolation!

My question for the government is where and when. Do not leave us with vague promises and diplomatic answers.

Dr J.A. Spencer